Hajj & Eid
Hajj & Eid
Hajj & Eid

Hajj & Eid

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It's All About: Hajj & Eid.

What it contains?

- A1 coloured poster: with a poem about Hajj, written by my late mum; Rosemary J Al-Attar. It goes through the various aamal of hajj; the Kaaba, Safa & Marwa, Zamzam water, Mount Arafat, Mina, sacrifice of sheep and the completion of Hajj.
- Square poster to colour: This has Eid balloons, gifts, sheep, sweets and the baby falcons of course!
- Magnetic sheep craft: Each craft comes complete with a coloured card sheep cut out, small coloured pompoms and a magnetic strip.
- A selection of Eid treats: includes two Eid printed Balloons, two lolly pops, a foam glider to assemble, a noise blower and a tube of smarties too!

If you choose "+ Poster, Crafts and Treats", you will get another set of colour-in poster, craft and treats. This will be in addition to the ones already included. This will be useful for families who have 2 or more children.

Get this for your children and see the joy on their faces as they learn about Hajj and celebrate Eid Al-Adha together.

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