Mawlid Nabawi pack
Mawlid Nabawi pack
Mawlid Nabawi pack

Mawlid Nabawi pack

The Maulid Nabawi & meelad Imam Alsadiq packs are an excellent combination of education and fun, aimed at children 4+
We will be baking and decorating muffins around the world!
Cake mix, icing, sprinkles, muffin cases, apron and chefs hat are all included.
Each pack will contain the following
-1 pack special muffin mix
-4 muffin cases
-sprinkles and 2 tubes of icing
-stickers + gel pen
-1 worksheet to show gratitude to Allah for all His blessings.
-1 worldwide coloured competition sheet about the two blessed characters.
-5 coloured worksheets
-1 make a chefs hat + stickers
-1 colour a sticker to put on your apron activity
-1 decorate your muffins platter
-1 coloured instructions sheet
-1 coloured certificate
-1 printed poem ‘The Right Ingredients’ + colouring picture
- A YouTube party where lessons, stories, poem, bake and decorate the muffins will all happen 🙂
All material has been kindly approved by Sheikh Mohammad AlHilli


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