Imam Hasan (as) Birthday Party Worksheet

Imam Hasan (as) Birthday Party Worksheet

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FREE Imam Hassan (as) Birthday Party Story e-Book
‘Aunty Laila has invited us to a birthday party Yusra and Adam,’ said mum happily. ‘It’s the birth of Imam Hassan alaihi assalam on the 15th of Ram...

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Mysteries in the Holy Month of Ramadan 2 book pack with bear
It is the holy month of Ramadan. The Zaidi family are all prepared for a month of fasting but there seem to be mysterious things going on at home! ...

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These are a simple collection of questions for you dear parents to use in your Imam Hassan (as) celebration. Print them then cut them out. Roll each one into a scroll then insert into a balloon before blowing it up. Children will have fun popping the balloons to get a question!


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